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The Banzai Institute
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Tommy Boy [userpic]

Hi, TB here.

I'm doing a new project at lj and was wondinring of adapting it to the bb realm.

I've had the enjoyment of participating in BBI Bolt, the role playing group at yg over the years.

I was wondering if anyone would like to take it to the lj side.

Basically the mod designs two lj communities to join (the realm where your character posts too and an admin community)

You create a lj id, using your character.

Like I would create a new ID using my handle .. Tommyboy

Create your on line profile to fit your character, fluff it out with interests your character would like, give a background fitting yoru

Basically it's letting our characters chat with each other.

As mod I might throw out something to comment on for the day.

Right now I'm getting a feel if anyone would be interested in doing such.

Tommy Boy

numb3r_5ev3n [userpic]


Could this be an offshoot of Buckaroo's own experiment, I wonder?

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Fire Breathing Monster Jesus [userpic]

I've just completed a new section in my cafepress shop.

Here it is... I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of stuff to add that might work well and not go too far in violating copyright...


Support my businesses-----------
Merchandise: Funny, Political, Dogs, Rats
Mac's Critter Care. Caring for your Seattle animals.

Meg aka Aunt Sharpie [userpic]

This needs some serious editing.


Caeric ArcLight - Blue Blaze Irregular 621 [userpic]

Hot off the Moonstone wire:

Shipping August 9th, 2006

Buckaroo Banzai #2 $3.50

Meg aka Aunt Sharpie [userpic]

I did want to believe that he had better taste than that.
(Although I can't blame her for the crush!)


Caeric ArcLight - Blue Blaze Irregular 621 [userpic]


The fine folks at Moonstone (the ones bringing us the current BB comic and....nevermind) are also gearing up to bring us some new BB gear!

Here's a peek:Collapse )

Rev. E [userpic]

Please ignore if it's already been posted, but I didn't see it. It seems that Peter Weller, star of the docudrama, has gotten himself hitched.

From www.scifi.com:
"RoboCop star Peter Weller married his longtime girlfriend Sherri Stowe in Italy on June 24, which was also Weller's 59th birthday, Zap2it reported."

Caeric ArcLight - Blue Blaze Irregular 621 [userpic]


Here's a nice review that pretty much sums up my thoughts:


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