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The Banzai Institute
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December 2009
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Tommy Boy [userpic]
BBI25 - Mini Con's across the USA

Per  a discussion at a yahoo group, we are moving forward wit an idea to celebrate the 25th year of the movie.



Saturday August 15, 2009, celebrate 25 years of Buckaroo Banzai.

Mini Con’s across the
USA and the World.


BBI members across the United States will volunteer to host a mini con. This can be at a home or a small meeting place.


Events can range from a lunch together with friends enjoying discussing Why the watermelon was there to the Penny Paradox. To showings of the movie, that started this whole thing.


If you don’t know what Buckaroo Banzai is look it up. Try:







The first thing we need are BBI Members who would like be considered point people for their respective Cities.

Open your house up for a get together, or know of a cheap or free meeting room.

Can you use space at work? Do you have a local library that has a meeting room? Do you have a house (and a significant other that will allow you) to have an open house and showing of your Banzai DVD.

Sound off with your city/region and your BBI name: (email me at bbitommyboy @ gmail . com)

Jacksonville FL (NE Florida and SE Georgia), BBI Tommyboy

If you want to see the coming together of this wonderful event, come and join us at :