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The Banzai Institute
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Omorka [userpic]

Doesn't look like this group is very active, but - if anyone here is a fanfic reader, I recently posted a Eureka/Buckaroo Banzai crossover fic. It's here if anyone's interested. (Mod, if fic links aren't allowed here, I apologize and I'll delete the post; just let me know.)

Tommy Boy [userpic]

Buckaroo Banzai Mini Con 2009


BB25 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the Eighth Dimension! The celebration will take place on August 15, 2009 across the United States.


In celebration of the anniversary, the fans of the movie are pulling together to hold “Mini” cons by its fan base. Gatherings will range from Open Houses to meeting halls, to movie theaters that enjoy unique selections.


Areas to celebrate the movie:


Jacksonville FL (NE Florida / SE Georgia)

Washington DC / Baltimore / Tri-State

South Texas

Boston area

NW Oregon / SW Washington


Charity part of the con will ask fan goers to bring a food items to be donated to the local food bank.


I am contacting cons of various cons that are going to be meeting between April and early August to “Trade” ad space to help get the word out.. I am getting great feed back on this. I’m looking to pull together information and national ads for the body of a con book. If the local contact person wishes to pursue local ads to help pay for the printing of the con book. Of course this is a project in beginning so it’s not cut in stone but I will be asking for help from all of you. I wish to have this to be a project that we all have a hand in.


Shirts are in discussion. Either to have them ahead of time with one or more people investing to make a stock, or to have them ordered at the con to have them afterwards.




Tommy Boy [userpic]

Per  a discussion at a yahoo group, we are moving forward wit an idea to celebrate the 25th year of the movie.


BBI25 Mini Con August 15, 2009Collapse )

Meg aka Aunt Sharpie [userpic]

Only partially related, but I thought it was amusing.


Meg aka Aunt Sharpie [userpic]

I'm thinking it would be cool to have the BB theme as my cell phone's ring tone & the overthruster beeps as my message tone.
The former is ridiculously simple to do, but getting the overthruster beeps is more of a challenge. Any help would be appreciated.


A great article on Peter Weller which does make reference to Buckaroo! I had a great time reading this :)

Rev. E [userpic]


One heck of an article on Peter Weller, the star of the documentary.

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